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Thu, 15 Dec 2016

The All New Bonneville T100 And T100 Black

An original for everyone.

  • The exciting new entry point for the internationally acclaimed Bonneville family has arrived in the classically styled form of the T100 and T100 Black. Now even more accessible and lighter than the T120, the all-new Bonneville T100 and T100 Black make owning an original icon easier than ever before.
  • EUROPE ONLY: To make the new classic Bonneville T100 and T100 Black even more accessible, a dealer fitted A2 licence kit will be available for models supplied from late Spring onwards.
  • Inspired by the legendary ’59 Bonneville, and styled to incorporate more of the iconic design, silhouette and character of the original, the T100 and T100 Black have all the timeless style and signature touches of a genuine motorcycle icon.
  • Combining the highest standard of detail and finish with the quality, performance, capability and comfort of the next generation Bonnevilles. Powered by the critically acclaimed 900cc Bonneville engine with more torque, better fuel economy and a rich, deeper exhaust note.

The T100 and T100 Black are the latest additions to the contemporary new Bonneville range, each one built to enhance the iconic Bonneville character and to satisfy today’s demand for bikes that combine timeless style with modern capabilities.

The all-new 900cc powered T100 and T100 Black are lighter than the T120s, easy to manage and with over 150 accessories available, are ready to personalise.

Inspired styling

Inspired by the legendary ’59 Bonneville and styled to incorporate more of the iconic design, silhouette and character of the original, the T100 and T100 Black each have their own distinctive character, enhanced by the premium finishes and signature touches of a genuine motorcycle icon.

Sharing the distinctive Bonneville silhouette and many of the stunning features of the T120, the new T100 and T100 Black are both timeless icons, beautifully evolved. From the sculpted lines of the 14.5 litre signature fuel tank, to the intricately detailed Bonneville engine plate and stylish feature-packed twin clocks, the new T100’s set a new standard for quality and finish.

The Bonneville T100 features a wealth of classically inspired detailing and stunning chrome finishes including high-value brushed aluminium covers, classic bolt-on Triumph badges unique to these two models, and deep chrome mirrors, mudguard stays, handlebars and headlight bezel.

Contributing to the classic Bonneville profile on the T100 is the detailed comfort seat and pillion seat finished in contrast piping with deeper foam for heightened comfort.

Along with all the quality enhancements offered on the T100, the T100 Black boasts even more style and sophistication featuring fully black components including wheel rims, a twin skin peashooter exhaust in a matt black finish and blacked out engine covers for a truly unique look.

Distinctive colour schemes

The Bonneville T100 comes in three classically inspired paint schemes:

- Aegean Blue and Fusion White with hand painted coach lines

- Intense Orange and New England White with hand painted coach lines

- Jet Black

The Bonneville T100 Black is available in two more moody and sophisticated paint schemes:

- Jet Black

- Matt Black

Real Accessibility

One of the key areas of development for both T100 models is the new chassis and suspension set-up which significantly enhances comfort levels for the rider giving a better overall riding experience whether for long distance journeys, every day use or with a pillion.

Each model features a unique longer rear suspension unit and cartridge front forks which work together to offer the rider an engaging yet easy-going riding experience.

Both the T100 and T100 Black are lighter than the new T120 and also have a shorter wheelbase, rake and trail than the previous generation T100. This combined with a low seat height and relaxed riding position make them more accessible and easier to ride than ever before for every rider.

To further enhance the superior handling of the T100s, both bikes are fitted as standard with custom developed Pirelli Phantom Sportscomp tyres, designed especially by Pirelli for the Bonneville familywith stiffness and profile changes to the front tyre, and deeper tread on the rear for secure handling and improved durability.

Real Capability

The high standard of detailing, quality and finish is matched by the modern capabilities which includes a host of rider-focused technology for maximum control and safety. 

Click here to view the Bonneville T100

Click here to view the Bonneville T100 Black