Maintenance tips for your Triuimph

Tyre Pressures - Underinflated tyres tend to affect handling and braking


Chain Tension- INCORRECT chain tension can result in premature sprocket and gearbox wear, unsmooth gearshifts, snatchy transmission, hamper your bike's rear suspension travel and reduce the life of your bike's drivechain.


Clean your bike- washing bike every time you use it is the best way of keeping that 'as new' look. Cleaning your bike thoroughly on a regular basis also gives you the chance to spot anything mechanically that might be amiss.

Soap the bike down with plenty of hot water, laced with a decent quality car shampoo. Do not use washing-up liquid as it's corrosive.

Check your oil level regularly- Keep your bike up right and check via sight glass or dipstick….Or pop in past and we will do free of charg